Becoming a Successful Argumentative Essay Writer

Becoming a Successful Argumentative Essay Writer
Table of Contents
  1. Becoming a Successful Argumentative Essay Writer
  2. How to start the work?
  3. Selecting a style of the paper.
  4. Choosing the most catching topics for the essay.
  5. Outlining the paper.
  6. Gathering the data.
  7. Assembling the paper.

Many students complain about the amount of workload & rigid requirements of writing tasks. Why do teachers go through the effort of shaping an argumentative essay writer out of us? It is neither an idle interest nor it is an attempt to force you to spend your free time on the studies rather than on more pleasant things like pastime with friends & family.

The reason is simple: the argumentative writing skill will help you in future greatly, no matter what profession you have chosen. College is the perfect place to master it. The ability to make solid arguments for argumentative essay supported by strong pieces of evidence is appreciated in any sphere, so pay attention to these tips to polish your skills!

How to start the work?

Any professional argumentative essay writer knows that the argumentative essay writing process starts not with searching for data or brainstorming catching themes. It is necessary to define the target audience of the essay.

  • What is the educational level of the audience?
  • How deep is the knowledge of the audience in the particular discipline?
  • What can be interesting for the readers?

This step is crucial as professional wordsmiths know the main purpose of writing: the text you write should be well-read. To achieve it, it is vital to make it interesting. Who would like to waste their own time to read dull essay (put aside a teacher whose job is to read screeds)?

That is why only after defining the target audience pro writer will start the work.

Selecting a style of the paper.

To create the proper style for an argumentative essay, a writer should follow the requirements of the task before everything else. Every educational institution has its own set of requirements, so one has to look through the instructions of the argumentative essay assignment before writing. There you will have to pay attention to:

  1. The chosen paper format - APA, MLA, Chicago or Turabian
  2. The required structure of the paper
  3. Proper arrangement of the text

If a teacher didn’t specify the needed referencing style, then APA is preferable style for the paper. Bring into notice that college teachers take notice of the correctness of the references & tend to lower grades if there are any mistakes. So start learning formats from school days.

It is insufficient to follow the referencing style – it is necessary to make the paper stylish. To do so, a writer has to provide catching facts, unexpected but solid evidence, strong arguments & flawless content.

Choosing the most catching topics for the essay.

It is necessary to select the theme that people will find interesting to read & think about. Age of the essay writer may make adjustments to the process of the topic selection. Here are some examples. High schoolchildren prefer to pick themes popular among teens. College & uni students pay attention to the social themes that help them to explain their own ideas or the mindset. It is hard to imagine a student willing to listen to an argumentative essay on top government issues or states laws. But there are topics they will find interesting. They will eagerly listen to on the front burner theme like the role of parents in the teens’ life.

Outlining the paper.

Good essay of this type calls for a specific structure. You will not put off the structure with a good old introduction, body & conclusion of the text. Argumentative paper requires one more paragraph that will help you to strengthen your position. You will have to consider both sides of the argument. Proper structure of the paper should look like this:

  1. Introduction
  2. Thesis statement
  3. Argument pro + strong evidence
  4. Argument pro + strong evidence
  5. Counterargument & some pieces of evidence that disprove it
  6. Conclusion

Take into consideration that the counterargument should not be weak or it will not serve as a proper support for your point of view. Students prefer to take well-known misbeliefs & then undeceive it. Writing experts select the other way. They choose unexpected arguments and pieces of evidence & manage to approach the most common idea from the most unthought-of angle. If you succeed in turning a common idea on its head, consider yourself a pro!

Gathering the data.

Naturally, the data for the research should be relevant & taken from the authoritative resources as argumentative essays, unlike expository papers, require in-depth investigation & focused attention to the details. It is your chance to show the level of knowledge.

Assembling the paper.

Write a rough draft following the outline to make sure that your paper contains all necessary structural elements. Do not forget about editing & proofreading. These are essential stages of writing process aimed to make sure that the paper is brilliant.

While revising an argumentative essay a writer should be attentive. Here are some tips that may help you to improve the quality of the text.

  1. Avoid long complex sentences that are not friendly to read
  2. Select simple English language
  3. Avoid whity-brown information as an evidence supporting the argument.

Which question can help a writer revise an argumentative essay? When looking through the evidence and argumentation of the paper, always ask yourself, does it sound convincing & solid? Because when you try to support your point of view with help of irrelevant data, the whole work will be pointless. So, always make sure that the information you provide is up-to-date & correct.

Do not forget: practice makes perfect. If you want to be a professional writer, write a lot, read a lot, polish your skills & do not forget to educate yourself with our help!