Try These 110 Narrative Essay Topics for Your Success!

Try These 110 Narrative Essay Topics for Your Success!
Table of Contents
  1. Try These 110 Narrative Essay Topics for Your Success!
  2. Choosing the Best Narrative Essay Topics
  3. Narrative Essay Topics about Myself
  4. Ideas for Narrative Essay about Music or Art
  5. Ideas about Internet & Computers to Discuss in Narrative Writing
  6. Great Ideas Related to Traveling
  7. Ideas for a Killer Story
  8. Sports in Our Life
  9. Gender and Sexual Topics to Cover
  10. Religion and Related Issues
  11. Best Topics for High School
  12. College Themes to Include in Your Essay
  13. Easy Narrative Essay Themes

A narrative essay is a type of high school writing which purpose is to make up an interesting story by describing something in details: from a person that made your day to a significant event. Do not confuse it with expository writing. A narrative relies on the author’s personal experience. To sum up, this type of essay:

  • is told from a writer’s aspect;
  • supports an idea;
  • is enriched with prices details;
  • uses verbs & modifiers;
  • offers a conflict.

A writer may involve a dialogue. Choosing the narrative essay topics is not easy in all situations, and our post shares the best 110 ideas to consider while writing this type of paper or overcoming writer’s block.

Choosing the Best Narrative Essay Topics

How to select narrative essay topics? Before you see the list of the best narrative essay topics, it is essential to learn how to pick proper themes for discussion.

  • Start with brainstorming. Get together with your friends, peers, family, or go online to collect the best subjects to discuss in narrative writing.
  • Make a list of themes. After the brainstorming session, you should have a list of the possible ideas, and it is time to get rid of the themes that you feel uncertain about.
  • Evaluate each point. To pick a proper topic to impress your teacher and classmates, think about which of the themes you feel most comfortable and experienced with.
  • Create an outline. Before dividing your question into subsections to make it easier to discuss, come up with an action plan called an outline. If you can develop a strong thesis statement for your essay, you got a good issue!

We will share the top narrative essay topics with you below.

Narrative Essay Topics about Myself

One of the most common types of narrative writing is the one describing the author’s experience. One can make up a perfect story based on personal memories. The possible ideas are:

  1. If I could fly

  2. My worst nightmare in a life

  3. The former day in my college

  4. The time I met the true friend

  5. The way I coped with my phobia

  6. The last trip to Paris

  7. The most disastrous day of the entire life

  8. The most beautiful creature I’ve ever met

  9. The greatest disappointment of life

  10. The death of a close person

Ideas for Narrative Essay about Music or Art

Talking about art is inspiring. A narrative story is an art itself as it should be creative & original. We will share some of the topics from this category with you:

  1. A childhood day spend without a TV

  2. Top movies that inspire

  3. The role of Tv in the life of an average US teenager

  4. Music that can change the mood

  5. The most inspirational music albums of all time

  6. Television shows that matters to disparate housewives

  7. Reality-show that is worth taking part in

  8. Memorable poetry from childhood and its impact on further growth

  9. A famous piece of art to change one’s life

  10. The most desired superhero power

Ideas about Internet & Computers to Discuss in Narrative Writing

It is hard to imagine a life of modern students without the world wide web. The Internet has both pros & cons. It is a good idea to discuss various aspects of online activities in one of these topics:

  1. Side defects of digital life

  2. Things a social network profile can tell about a person

  3. A month without access to the Internet

  4. The 1st introduction to the Internet

  5. Mastering the art of working on the internet

  6. Creating the top successful YouTube blog

  7. How world wide web can help to find a friend

  8. Finding your love with the help of dating websites

  9. Promoting rock band to achieve success on the web

  10. Good things you can learn from the Internet

Great Ideas Related to Traveling

People love to travel, and students are not the exception. No matter whether you have seen the world or starting your journey, you can share your emotions in a narrative essay about traveling. Our ideas will help!

  1. The chosen places for summer vacation

  2. Having a rest on the beach

  3. Camping in the suburbs

  4. A solid sum of money to travel

  5. The top preferred transportation method

  6. 5 things that I would take on the uninhabited island

  7. Traveling alone: pros & cons

  8. The fear associated with the plain crush

  9. The initial trip abroad: impressions

  10. Meeting new friends while having a trip

Ideas for a Killer Story

Would you like to write a bestseller one day? Do you lack original ideas? It’s not a problem - these themes will help to come up with a killer story!

  1. Conflicting moral principles when it was time to made a responsible decision

  2. Following someone’s advice which appeared to be wrong

  3. The 1st crush on the boy-next-door

  4. Feeling that you are not a little child any longer

  5. The most altruistic thing your friend has done in his or her life

  6. The impact of high school bullying on the development of character

  7. The fiercest debate in my life and how I used to win

  8. Missing the most critical event in a life

  9. Circumstances that put your reputation at risk

  10. The times one felt extremely proud of personal achievements

Sports in Our Life

Doing sports is what makes us healthy. Many types of sports activities exist. No matter whether you are a sports fan or team player, you may craft an excellent narrative essay on one of the offered topics:

  1. Childhood games that people remember throughout life

  2. Lick vs. Tyson: The tale of the never-ending box rivalry!

  3. Did the last World Cup meet the expectations of the majority?

  4. Ukrainian Dynamo football team and its rise to fame

  5. A severe injury I got when playing basketball

  6. Most exciting sports experience in a life

  7. The true story of the Barclays Premier League

  8. The way I used to apply for the high school athletic team

  9. Being a high school cheerleader for ages

  10. Reasons to visit The World Rugby Sevens Games

Gender and Sexual Topics to Cover

The issues affecting morality are excellent ideas for narrative writing. We offer to select one of the gender-related themes to impress the audience.

  1. The role of father & mother in your family

  2. The woman liberation movement impact on our school

  3. My ideas of the foreign oppression in Africa

  4. Exploring the meaning of sex

  5. Being a feminist: causes & effects

  6. The family that expects more from their son than a daughter

  7. Catcalling episode in one’s life

  8. The act of sexual harassment at work

  9. Obstacles on the way to the perfect female body

  10. Gender bias in the US educational institutions and the way it influences the learning process

Religion and Related Issues

It is possible to come up with many inspiring stories associated with religion. For your religious studies class, you may pick one of our ideas.

  1. Ethical dilemma that was solved thanks to religion

  2. The role of religion in my life

  3. How Jesus helped to overcome a life problem

  4. The story of the former Catholic Church

  5. The first visit to Christian Church

  6. The way God changed mom’s life

  7. Being uncomfortable when lying to parents

  8. The expansion of Islam in the Middle East

  9. Passing a religious studies exam

  10. Choosing a religion

Best Topics for High School

If you study in a high school, the topic should be something between difficult and straightforward. We have gathered the top themes in this post.

  1. Nothing is free in this life

  2. The trip of my dreams

  3. The biggest disappointment of my parents

  4. Finding time to spend with family

  5. Meeting my history teacher on a party

  6. The old creek

  7. The person I will remember forever

  8. A disastrous date

  9. Following a dream to become a rockstar

  10. I did not go to his funeral

College Themes to Include in Your Essay

Students who study in college may face more complicated topics. If you have to write a narrative essay in college, think about involving these points.

  1. The excellent encounter

  2. The weirdest job interview

  3. Passing college entrance application

  4. Be my target audience

  5. Surviving an earthquake followed by a tsunami

  6. The lie that destroyed one’s life

  7. A time that the power went out

  8. A random act of cruelty

  9. A major event that happened in front of my nose

  10. The reasons why younger sibling looked up to me

Easy Narrative Essay Themes

Before we end this post, we would like to share some simple ideas. They are all easy to discuss.

  1. My older brother

  2. My favorite pet

  3. My first fight in a life

  4. Lovely Mary Jenkins

  5. How I made it in NY

  6. The most exciting day of school

  7. The end of a friendship

  8. A risky experiment

  9. Being grateful to be the only child in a family

  10. The beginning of a romance

Those are the top narrative essay topics divided into different categories for your comfort. In case of any further questions, you may count on the professional help of online essay writers from our team. We are available 24/7!