TOP-30 Research Paper Topics

TOP-30 Research Paper Topics

If you are a student, then you will write so many research papers and other writing assignments. Students usually spend much time on doing their home tasks and research papers. That’s why it is so important to improve your search and writing skills and the capability of finding good topics for research papers.

Many students think that choosing an interesting topic can ensure the success of writing a paper. But it is rather misleading. It can be explained by the fact that not all themes in which you are interested are easy to work with. Sometimes your topic which you have chosen for your research paper may be very interesting, but at the same time, there may be a lack of research data and materials.

Search for a Broad Topic of the Research Paper

Start your search by finding several topics which are interesting to you. After that write down them on paper. On the next step, you should choose the topic of the research paper which is the most attractive for you. Then divide your topic into several smaller research subjects. View these narrow topics from different perspectives and read different relevant research works of other writers. These tips will help you to search effectively and to choose the right topic for your research paper.

Make Sure You Have Enough Resources for Your Topic

Before writing a paper conduct a small search for the topic which you have chosen. Make sure that this topic is researched enough. If the topic is well studied you will be able to use many different points of views, find interesting and persuasive evidence. Search and check not only the Internet but also articles, books, encyclopedias, etc.

Check References

After you have chosen the topic of your research paper, you should check the Internet and library database for references. Many books and articles are available on the Internet too. Ask for the assistance if you need. There are also special research paper websites and services which can provide professional assistance in searching and writing of the research papers. Here you can find some interesting and perspective research paper topics in different fields.

The Best 30 Research Paper Topics


  1. Recently the U.S. companies began to move their plants to undeveloped countries. How do you think do they do a favor to those workers or you consider it unethical to pay cheap wages?
  2. Is it a good idea to allow employees to do exercise during their work time?
  3. Do you agree that today women still earn only $0.75 for every men’s $1? Why?  Search for facts.
  4. Search for statistics on the minimum wage. What can you say about the dynamics of the minimum wage?
  5. How do you think Americans work hard or not? Can a 30-hour work week be more productive that the 40-hour week?


  1. Is it a good idea to arm pilots?
  2. Should the information on the Internet be regulated and searched by the government? Is this not contrary to freedom of expression?
  3. Should thousands of illegal immigrants have an opportunity to get citizenship in the USA?
  4. Has the creation of the Department of the Homeland Security made Americans feel safer?
  5. Is America winning the Iraq War or losing and how it can be searched and measured?
  6. Is it a good idea to pay salary to stay-at-home mothers?
  7. Should the government create a special law which will ban indoor smoking in a nationwide scale?


  1. Search for facts about the global warming. What can you say about the climate change? Is it a hoax or not?
  2. Search and name the future trends of the wind energy technologies. Is it really so cheap and effective?
  3. Should the coal industry be strictly regulated by the government because of its threat to the environment? Search for the answer.


  1. It is known that exams sometimes can do more than the only measurement of a person’s ability to pass the exams. So should exams be changed to other different forms of knowledge assessment? Search and check different points of view.
  2. How do you think should parents of the students censor their textbooks and imaginative literature which are read in schools?
  3. In fact, students in European schools usually have fewer than 10% “A” grades. How do you think why American students get so many A’s?
  4. What are the main pros and cons of the school and university uniform?
  5. Should the food that is served in the school canteens and cafeterias be checked by the government? Should some restrictions be implemented?

Social Life

  1. How can different generations work with each other in one workplace? How to avoid a collision of interests of generations?
  2. Is it true that modern children are smarter thanks to the Internet and new technologies? Search for arguments.
  3. What sort of medical information must be confidential and why? Who may have complete access to the medical recordings?
  4. Are there any differences between children who were raised by working mothers and housewife mothers?
  5. Do working mothers feel still discriminated? Search for arguments.


  1. How do you think should some kinds of advertising be banned because of their opposite position against the issues of health and morality (ads of cigarettes, alcohol, etc.)?
  2. Should parents use search filters and cell phone spy apps to protect their children on the Internet?
  3. How do you think do the media sources search and report fairly or not? Do all points of view are highlighted?  


  1. Why so many tragic conflicts occur in the Middle East? Can the solution be found?
  2. Can overpopulation become a problem? What can happen on a global scale because of the demand for natural resources?

So here you can see the list of the best topics which you can use for your research work. There are many interesting topics from different fields. We hope this review of the search paper topics will help you with your writing assignments. Remember that you should use the topic as the idea and after that, you should develop it during searching and investigating. But if you still hesitate and don’t know how to cope with the research paper you can order it online and get professional help.