How to Use Quotes in Your Research Paper

How to Use Quotes in Your Research Paper

Don’t think that your research is good enough? You can make your research paper or other writing assignments stronger using quotations. You can cite some key piece of studied source, and it will strengthen arguments in your paper. It means that the works of other writers can distinguish and highlight specific and important things.

Why should you use Quotes in a Research Paper?

In fact, using citations properly in the research paper is extremely important. The main reasons are the next:
  • A good citation makes it possible to find the sources which you have used while studying the issue of your research paper. All citations which you use in the research paper can help the audience to expand their knowledge;
  • Citing other writers’ ideas and thoughts can show that you have studied the topic deeply and have looked through the literature on your issue so you can make informative and persuasive conclusions. It can increase your credibility as the writer of the research work;
  • Don’t forget that ideas of other writers and researchers can be used in your paper. They may greatly reinforce your evidence and arguments. You can also disagree with them. You will show that your viewpoint or position is opposite and you may use their points of view to argue. You may use writers’ arguments in order to emphasize your point or clarify its difference and importance;
  • Beware of over-dimensional quotes in the paper. In fact, the ideas of other writers in the frames of citations can strengthen your arguments and at the same time they can bring down your credibility if the reader finds out that the argument is false or fabricated. That’s why it’s important to quote the information properly;
  • Someone’s ideas and research papers are the intellectual property as you know. You should necessarily cite where you got an idea from. Otherwise, you can face serious repercussions. At worst, it can result in legal action. If one is fortunate, it can simply ruin his career and his reputation.

Identifying Sources in the Text of Your Research Paper

You have to remember that you shouldn’t simply drop some citations in the text of your research paper and leave them in such a way. The reader doesn’t have to make connections because it’s the author’s task. In order to integrate a quote into the text properly, you should use the following elements:
  • Some signal that a citation will be presented soon. You can use the author's name or a reference to his research paper or other work;
  • A statement which shows the relationship or connection between the quote and the main text.
At the first time when you cite a source, it will be better for you to mention the author of this source as well as its title. If you quote a source several times in your research paper and if it is central in the text you can focus more on it to emphasize its importance.

Peculiarities of Quoting the Material

When you are working on your research work, you should quote as rarely as it possible if you don’t want your work to become just a kind of series of citations which are connected with each other. If you are not a professional essay writer, you have to pay attention to it. You should necessarily leave the place for your own thoughts. Remember that if you are paraphrasing or for example, summarizing different sources in some way, you need to cite them.
Do not overload the text with quotes. In order to save the golden mean follow the next rule: if you think that you should use a quote, then analyze used citation in at least three lines.

How to Include Long Quotes in the Research Paper?

It’s better to use quotes that are short and precise. But sometimes you need to use long citations in the text of your research paper. In this way you should follow some suggestion:
  • First of all, you should change the font. It should be noticeably smaller in order not to overload the text;
  • Make a double indent when inserting the citation. You should adjust right and left margins. It’s great if they are smaller than the main text of the research paper;
  • Technically edit the text;
  • You shouldn’t use quotation marks for the whole citation. You may stop on graphic changes that were listed above. They are quite enough, and they will indicate that your research paper is quoted.

How to Leave Out a Part of a Citation?

If the quote is long, you may want to make it shorter and more suitable. In this way, you are able to leave out some words from the quote which you consider unnecessary. Remember that you should think well before leaving out some words. It shouldn’t change the meaning of the citation. Read the next tips which you should use when you try to make the quote shorter.
  • If you want to delete some words at the start of a citation in your research paper, you may simply start the citation exactly at the place which you consider an appropriate;
  • If there is a need to delete words in the middle of a citation you can show the deleting using ellipses;
  • In order to delete words at the end part of the citation, you should place the ellipses at the end of the sentence.

Different Styles of Quotes

MLA format of the Quote

When you want to quote in MLA format, the next attributes should be included:  the name of the author, the number of the page where you have found the information. Put this information to a parenthetical citation.

APA format

This format differs slightly from the MLA format. It requires a parenthetical citation in the text of the research work and the mention of the name of the author and the year when the work was published. Put this information about the quote in the parentheses.

Chicago style of the Quote

The Chicago of quoting involves the using of footnotes. They are presented at the bottom of the page of the research paper. So you should add a number of the footnote after the quotation. After that put a citation at the bottom of the page.

So citations may be extremely helpful when you write the research paper. It can show that your work is argumentative and you have conducted a detailed study. They are able to help you to make your evidence and arguments stronger. But at the same time, quotes may present a threat. They can confuse the readers and threaten your reputation. That’s why sometimes it’s better to order a research paper from the professionals. Click here, and you will have no problems with citations.