Police Brutality Essay: From a Brainstorming to the Final Draft

Police Brutality Essay: From a Brainstorming to the Final Draft
Table of Contents
  1. Police Brutality Essay: From a Brainstorming to the Final Draft
  2. Brainstorming the ideas
  3. How to structure the Police brutality essay?
  4. The introductory part of the text.
  5. A main body of the text.
  6. Conclusive part of the text.
  7. Still not sure what is Police Brutality essay?

The police brutality essay is a quite popular writing assignment in the schools and colleges today. Increased incidents involving the brutal behavior of the police officers against regular persons make this theme on the front burner so no wonder that students want to learn how to write such essays.

We will share you the possible areas for research, how to structure your paper, and what functions each part of the text has.

Brainstorming the ideas

First and foremost, it is necessary to identify what your teacher expects from you. Read the task carefully as The police brutality argumentative essay and compare and contrast paper are two totally different things. The format of the text dictates terms of the narration so pay attention to it.

As the topic is one of the most common (read: clichéd) themes for writing assignments the best way to achieve the great result is to find a new approach to the issue. Here are some ideas to start your search from:

  • Los Angeles riots in 1992. The first ever case of police brutality that set the whole country in the turmoil.
  • Pallid statistics. Almost all cases of police violence against young black and ethnic men go unpunished.
  • Lack of training of police officers. Incapacity is one of the major reasons why the officers use excessive force and are unable to interact with mentally challenged and unstable persons. How such a situation can be changed?
  • Distrust towards police among the society because of the insufficient reforms and lack of information about highly professional and courageous deeds of the policemen.
  • The increased chances of gun violence from a suspect due to the firearm permit leading to the growing danger of the job.
  • A voluntary system of reporting on victims of crimes in the departments. There is no possibility to monitor the number of victims of the police abuse as well as to define if whether the number has increased or decreased. How to control it?
  • The reasons for the racial-biased profiling of the misconduct that cause the poor relationship between the police and minority groups.

How to structure the Police brutality essay?

All academic papers call for a clear and logical layout aimed to cover the topics in the most detailed and precise way. The Police Brutality essay is not an exception as here it is essential to follow such structure:

  1. An introduction
  2. A body of the text
  3. A conclusion.

The introductory part of the text.

The main purpose of the intro section is to put the reader into the picture and encourage him to read further. It is possible to apply several methods to achieve this aim. You can use an anecdote, a rhetorical question or an unexpected fact to grab the attention of the reader.

In addition, the intro part should contain a thesis statement, the sentence providing a snapshot of the whole work. An outline for the section will look like this:

Americans complain about the rudeness of police officers and in increasing frequency over recent years. But what are the reasons which have turned the police in America from law enforcement to punitive force? Experts define several reasons for it naming the usage of the terrorist threats as a cause for a cutback of civil liberties in the United States.

The essay on police brutality deals with the historical insight of the problem and what issues the abuse of power by police bring to our community.

A main body of the text.

The middle part of the paper contains all the gathered material and its analysis. The author should not include the milk-and-water info as it distracts the reader from the main theme of the paper. The core principals of the section are:

  • One paragraph should be dedicated to one sub-idea;
  • There should be at least two paragraphs;
  • Smooth transitions between paragraphs are essential;
  • Each argument you provide in the text should be supported by the solid piece of evidence.

The outline for the body part may look like this:

Paragraph 1. The American researchers have studied the problems caused by the brutal behavior of the police officers and its roots for many a year. The most serious fact of the police involvement in the criminal activities can be found in the 90s of the 20th century.

The illegal actions with a racist coloring focused the attention of the communities to the police. The scene of beating black Rodney D. King by white policemen in Los Angeles in March 1991 was a milestone that led to mass riots during which 54 people were killed. Only in 1993 those policemen were brought to justice and found guilty of violating the human rights of R. King.

At the initiative of Washington and New York, the police had proclaimed a policy of “zero tolerance” to the violation of the law in 1997 to change the situation with the police brutality. Yet, it didn’t work as good as expected because the number of citizens’ complaints about policemen increased by 56%.

In the early 1990s, the special commission that investigated one of the biggest corruption scandals in New York established that the internal control system was corrupt and the management in every possible way covered guilty policemen.

Despite the fact of police reforms over the past twenty years, the issue remains unsolved. In 2010 thousands of policemen were involved in incidents involving physical force, weapon and in offenses of a sexual nature.

Paragraph 2. The unreasonable use of the weapon by a cop often causes tragedies like the one in the city of Ferguson where a policeman shot African American Michael Brown and was fully acquitted. On top of that, such behavior is completely justified by the legislation so the cases of the misuse of weapon will appear again and again. The right to use the weapon against a suspect applies to all unarmed suspects and as the practice shows, cops use weapon absolutely unreasonably.

Reforms have improved the situation slightly, however, did not solve the main issue that the officers are accountable to their superiors only.

Conclusive part of the text.

The final section deals with summarizing the key points of the text without adding new facts. But, it is inappropriate to copy-paste them together with the thesis statement as you have to restate them in other words. It is your last chance to argue the audience into your point of view, so get the most out of it.

Thus, the sample conclusion should be written like this:

There are many causes why the reports of the police brutality will appear again and again in the local and mass media news. The very doctrine of the US Supreme Court opposes bringing policing officials to justice and it plays the main role in the negative course of the police.

The police take the full advantage of the right to detain criminals at any cost. The harsh reality shows that the policemen feel free to exceed their authority and situations like Ferguson will continue to appear. The cities will act against the unjustified cruelty of the officers towards individuals time and again. However, the legal procedures aimed to limit the powers of the police will endanger the public safety. Still, in order to stop the acts of violence, it is necessary to change all systems of the state.

Police brutality takes many shapes and forms and it is essential to find a solution to the issue. Until then the parents should teach their children how to stay alive around police officers.

Still not sure what is Police Brutality essay?

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