How to Write National Honor Society Essay and Succeed

How to Write National Honor Society Essay and Succeed
Table of Contents
  1. How to Write National Honor Society Essay and Succeed
  2. Most Important Things You Need to Know About Candidates Selection
  3. National Honor Society Essay: Realize Your Real Purpose
  4. Write Your National Honor Society Essay in This Way and Succeed
  5. Structure of NHS Essay
  6. Writing About Your Academic Achievements
  7. Leadership as a Critical Hallmark
  8. Service Delivery in Your Essay
  9. Show Your Exemplary Behavior
  10. Conclusion

The National Honor Society which is also called NHS is one of the biggest organizations of high school students. It is based in the USA but also engages outlying territories. Joining the National Honor Society and becoming its member is a real dream of all ambitions and conscientious students all over the country every year, and writing an essay is an obligatory and important step on their way to the goal. If you are one of them, you’ve found the best place to learn everything about it. Here you will find the following information.

  • What is important to know about the selection of the candidates,
  • How to write national honor society essay and succeed,
  • How to show your leadership skills,
  • How to talk about your character,
  • Scholarship (work on academic activities),
  • Service to community,
  • How to show that you are not an average student but ambitions person and leader.

Most Important Things You Need to Know About Candidates Selection

Participation in the organization is prestigious, perspective for the future career of all students. Thousands of students are dreaming of being accepted into the ranks of NHS that’s why the selection is extremely strict, only worthy students can join the confederation. The process of qualifying is always based on 4 critical ingredients:

  1. Academic achievements (your scholarships);
  2. Your leadership skills;
  3. Shown service,
  4. Behavior/character.

If you want to become a member of the Honor Society you have to meet all these pillars, your performance should be perfect. If you are already nominated, congratulations! Now it is time to start working on your application paper.

A strong essay is a must, be ready to invest a lot of time, efforts, energy. If this work is too overwhelming for you, or you don’t feel confident in your writing skills, let us help you, we know how to write National Honor Society essay. You may have great achievements, be a leader, perform a lot of community activities but be not perfect in writing, so don’t let putting your strengths into accurate words become an issue on your way to NHS membership. You can improve yourself, read how to start writing amazing papers here.

National Honor Society Essay: Realize Your Real Purpose

When you are creating an application paper, you should realize your purpose and follow it. Describe all the selection criteria listed above, convince the committee that you are worthy to become a member.

Write Your National Honor Society Essay in This Way and Succeed

In your paper, you should show that you are worthy to join this highly respected organization. You should make your paper in a compelling, concise manner and present your main achievements, crucial aspirations in it. Make your paper well-structured, informative.

Structure of NHS Essay

Like any other paper, this one should contain several important parts:

  • Introduction;
  • Body parts;
  • Conclusion.

In the introduction, you should introduce yourself and talk briefly about your purpose.

The body part is the most important, it should contain information on your scholarships, other important academic achievements. Also, tell about your leadership skills, your service delivery. And don’t forget about describing your character.

In your conclusion, sum up everything you were talking about, prove that you deserve to become a part of the community. You can read how to write in a persuasive way here.

Writing About Your Academic Achievements

It is one of the most important parts of your paper, it is the bone of contention and may become the determining factor of your membership. What can you tell here? Check below.

  • Grades in school (GPA);
  • Scholarships which were approved;
  • Participation in contest / competitions;
  • Participation in symposiums;
  • Working on academic projects for different organizations;
  • Your distinctive works, prizes, awards, etc.
  • Attending additional courses and classes.

Leadership as a Critical Hallmark

It is important to find a balance between leadership skills and academic achievements. Only with this condition you can accomplish the national junior honor society essay and be sure that it is good. Leadership prowess without good academic performance will not give any result as well as if you are a good scholar but can’t be a leader in the community. Convince the committee that you have both qualities and they accompany each other.

In your work emphasize that you are not only a successful scholar but also a brilliant leader both in school, in the community. Give one or two examples from your real life, describe the situation, explain how you showed your leadership skills. Great if you are a member of the school governing council or school clubs.

Service Delivery in Your Essay

The National Honor Society requires some kind of service to the community or your school. As a candidate, you have to show that you are not only an outstanding student with high academic performance, but you are also a useful member of your community. That’s why service delivery is also a critical hallmark of your future membership. What can you describe here?

  • Participating in volunteer projects (environmental, social problems, etc.);
  • Creating public awareness of important social issues;
  • Engagement in school activities;
  • Guiding your fellow students on academic, moral issues.

In your work, show in which way your school and community benefit from your exemplary and voluntary service.

Show Your Exemplary Behavior

Behavior and service delivery are closely related because if you are able to provide a substantial, highly appreciated service to your community or school your behavior won’t be a question. Your character or behavior sums up four criteria of process selection. It is essential if you are going to become a leader, want the community to take you seriously and follow you. You should show that your good character traits are able to complement naturally and seamlessly three hallmarks listed above. While creating this national content you can use the Hola VPN promo code because sometimes you may lack in accessing such content. These are restricted in your country so by using some modern applications you are free to use all such content.


If you want to become a member of the National Honor Society, get ready to create an excellent application paper. Highlight your personal virtues, advantages, describe and dissect in it your four main features: excellent academic achievements, outstanding leadership skills, desired service delivery, and good character traits. We gave you some advice on how to write National Honor Society essay and make it good, follow them and succeed.