Main Tips for a Persuasive Essay Writing

Main Tips for a Persuasive Essay Writing

We can say that writing a really good and persuasive essay is like being a lawyer. The process of writing essay could be compared with the arguing some complex case in court. The author has to find the strongest facts and the most persuasive arguments which can help to convince the reader. It means that the author has to take a stand on the studied issue.

The writer’s task is to study different points of view, to distinguish his own persuasive view and to make the reader accept some point of view. A persuasive and good essay usually demands deep and detailed research as well as awareness of potential likes of the reader. The author should be aware different and sometimes opposite sides of the deal. The fact which distinguishes the good paper from the bad one is that it contains writer’s opinion, which looks like the correct one and the arguments that another point of view is incorrect.

The main task when it comes to writing is not only to inform the audience about some evidence but to persuade readers in some issues. Here you can find main techniques and tips on the effective writing process.

5-Step of Writing Persuasive Essays

There are so many techniques which can help you to make your article persuasive. But there is one great algorithm that is known as a sure way to write the great article. It is the 5-phases process of essay writing.

1. The Pre-Writing Phase

This step of the process is of the most important. During this phase, you have to make a plan of the paper and of every its aspect. You should:
  • Choose your own point of view. You should study different points of view and after that think carefully about the problem and pick the side which you consider the right one;
  • Study your readers. It is necessary for authors to know the readers’ expectations and perspectives. It allows writing a persuasive article.
  • Make a study. Any good paper should include convincing facts and evidence. You should study many sources and the works of other writers before start writing. You shouldn’t rely on one or two sources.
  • Determine the most convincing evidence. You should know the main evidence and key points of your own position as well as the opposite one.

Outline and Structure of the Persuasive Essay

After the planning, you should create the outline of the essay. Find out the evidence which will allow you to build strong arguments. The good article includes the next four structural units:
Introductory Paragraph
  • Capture the attention of the reader with some "hook";
  • Give the readers an overview of the evidence;
  • Finish with a persuasive evidence or a statement which reveals to the author’s position.
Body of the Essay
  • You can write several body paragraphs, but every paragraph should be focused on one persuasive fact or the evidence;
  • You should provide adequate details in each body paragraph.
Paragraph of the Opposing View
  • In this paragraph, the author should describe and disprove the opposite points of view.
  • Strengthen your main thesis and emphasize the most persuasive evidence at the end of your essay.

2. Drafting of The Essay

You should take into account the next suggestions during the process of writing an article:
  • Choose the statement which will be persuasive and shouldn’t leave any doubts about the strong position of the author;
  • Use a “hook” in your introductory paragraph. It will attract the attention of the audience. You can use emphatic statements or, for example, quotation and even statistics. Use something that the reader doesn’t expect;
  • Use different ways to make the argument. You can use comparisons or analogies. It will be great to show an illustration of the potential situation which you are talking about in your essay;
  • Don’t think that the audience would have in-depth knowledge of the problem. That’s why the essay should contain some background information;
  • Study a separate evidence in each body paragraph. Be honest and give real and persuasive evidence which can be interesting to the readers.  Use quotes, illustrations, statistics, examples;
  • The conclusion of the essay should contain the most persuasive and important evidence. A good conclusion should encourage the reader to take the position of the writer.

3. Reviewing the Essay

On this step of the writing process, the author should review and modify his essay. He should check if his work matches the next requirements of the persuasive essays:
  • Does the paper show the strong position of the writer on a particular issue? Is this point of view supported by convincing statistics, examples, quotes or facts?
  • Does it start with the “hook” which can attract the audience and which can make them reading the whole article?
  • Do body paragraphs offer cogent shreds of evidence which are based on a demonstrative and persuasive facts?
  • Has the writer presented the opposite point of view?
  • Is the structure of the sentences of the essay varying? Is the writing style of the author professional and can be understood by the readers?
  • Does the conclusion transfer the value of the position of the writer persuasive?
  • Does the paper encourage the reader to act?
The good essay should present the most persuasive arguments. It’s easy to check whether your arguments are strong enough. Just write a statement to the opposite point of view. You will see which statement is stronger your own or the opposite one.  After that you will understand if your thesis needs to be strengthened.

4. Editing the Essay

The next step of the effective writing process involves proofreading and correcting all mistakes (stylistic, grammatical and mechanical). The paper should be edited which can help to improve its writing style and explicitness. The editor can look through the essay from the fresh and different perspective.

5. Publishing the Essay

Publishing a persuasive essay or other writing assignment and showing it to the audience would be extremely exciting. Do not deprive yourself of this pleasure.

But if you have any difficulties you can look for the help with the essay writing here. You will enjoy the result.