How to Write a Process Essay: Simple-to-Follow Steps to Success

How to Write a Process Essay: Simple-to-Follow Steps to Success
Table of Contents
  1. How to Write a Process Essay: Simple-to-Follow Steps to Success
  2. What Is a Process Essay?
  3. The Structure of the Process Paper
  4. Start with an Impressive Introduction
  5. Write Body Section
  6. Finish with Striking Conclusion
  7. One Final Touch

Today a great number of people look for articles which serve as manuals. Students often have to write such essays. Look at simple steps on how to write a process essay.

  1. Who are you writing to? It means that you are to know and understand the target reader and predict the expectations of the target audience. For example, if it is going to be a process essay about entering a college, you’ll need to explain to the readers what they should do to become a student but not to describe a college including its pros and cons.  
  2. Keep in mind that an excellent research needs reliable sources, materials, tools. Make sure that there is everything required.
  3. Outline creation stimulates thinking, brainstorms ideas, helps to provide a process essay with a logical structure.
  4. Study and follow the requirements because they are the key to success. Take into consideration a number of words, language, type of paper, technical instructions like font, spacing, margin size, etc. and some peculiarities of the chosen topic.
  5. Set to writing in case you’ve gotten everything required. If the task seems to be mission impossible then ask senior students how to buy various types of essays online and wait for the order to come.

What Is a Process Essay?

A process essay explains a process. It sounds like a tautology but that is what it is. It is just like a step-by-step instruction on how to perform these or those things.

There are 2 types of process writing. The first one tells how to perform something. The second one describes how something functions. Each step lets the reader clear out what he or she has to do. It is important to be sure that the person who reads it is educated enough to understand what you are going with this. In other words, a process essay presents a process of its writing in details.

For instance, if one should write a process essay about language learning, there should be mentioned the next issues:

  • the complexity of the chosen language, its importance or benefits (f.e. English is an international language)
  • where to look for the best sources to study the language (online, printed sources)
  • what to start with (learn the ABC, reading rules, basic vocabulary, grammar point, etc.)
  • how to improve spoken and written language (to read examples, to do written assignments, to dialogue with native speakers, etc.)

All these processes are essential for a learner. He or she can master the language if he or she follows the manual.

The Structure of the Process Paper

All academic assignments are to be well-composed. One paragraph must follow the other one in a logical way in order to explain the main idea and goal of the paper. A process essay describes the process that is why its structure is very significant. One can have a look at good samples to see how to make a great essay.

Start with an Impressive Introduction

Every student should know how to write a process essay introduction. Its goal is to catch the reader’s attention within a few sentences. The introduction provides the audience with the specific details and the core matter of topic. It usually includes a thesis statement. It also must not take more than ten percent of the whole paper. To conclude, an intro clarifies the significance of the process essay and gives the reason to read the paper. This part of the assignment should wrap up the conclusion and say what people can get if they do everything correct.

The best way to grab the reader’s attention is to start with an anecdote, famous saying, imposing statistics or facts. Experts also suggest telling the exact number of steps a performer should make to do something. For example, ‘10 Steps to Complete an Excellent Research Paper’.

Write Body Section

A body usually consists of a number of paragraphs. The number of paragraphs usually equals the steps the person should do according to the instruction of the process essay. A don may ask to provide the paper with statistics, situation analyses, specific terms, tools and equipment which will make the investigation and a process essay sound solid.

When looking for the data, you should be careful with using citations and quotations. Be sure that the paper is unique. Avoid plagiarism because it will diminish the importance of the process essay.

Connect one paragraph with the other one using transitions (the first step is; after that; last, etc.). It can help to follow the idea and show when each step begins and ends. Don’t forget about chronological order each time you start a new paragraph.

The body also expands the thesis statements giving necessary details and data. A process essay should help a beginner and an amateur become a professional in dealing a process writing. That is why experts recommend students to show their papers to others. If a person cannot complete the task using your work then the assignment surely fails.

Finish with Striking Conclusion

There is no need to repeat the information given in the body section. Its aim is to highlight the key result of the processes. A thesis statement presents the concept or suggestion while a conclusion sums it up, restates, and manifests its weak and strong points. It also may offer the foundation for further investigation and improvement.

One Final Touch

Some colleges apply automated essay scoring. That is why a student has to keep to the college requirements concerning formatting, language use, process essay style, word count, and other issues. A student should also make the paper sound clever. Discover new words, use a thesaurus, apply synonyms, provide antonyms, check whether you use the words correctly, present facts, link the paper to original sources, contrast various points of view. People should believe that you are a professional and that your recommendations are worthy.

Pay special attention to the bibliography section. Format it regarding the required style (APA, MLA, etc.). Appendices should correspond the college requirements as well.  All these instructions will help to understand how to write a process essay.