Noteworthy Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

Noteworthy Nursing Capstone Project Ideas
Table of Contents
  1. Noteworthy Nursing Capstone Project Ideas
  2. What is a Capstone Project?
  3. How does Nursing Capstone Project Look Like?
  4. Structure of Nursing Capstone Project
  5. Capstone Ideas for Nursing
  6. Anesthesia
  7. Patient falls
  8. Wound care
  9. Behavioral health
  10. Sleep disorders
  11. Breastfeeding
  12. Tips How to Pick a Good Topic

The capstone project is one of the most important projects which you have to submit during your studying. It shows all your skills and knowledge & your level of theoretical background and practical experience which you have gained. It requires a lot of time, careful and scrupulous writing approach. The topic which you choose will play a crucial role, you need to pay attention to it. If you are looking for nursing capstone project ideas, you’re in the right place. Here in the article, you’ll find lots of important information, capstone ideas for nursing, just keep reading and find out everything.

What is a Capstone Project?

This Project can be called as a culminating or final paper. It is a complicated, multifaceted academic writing assignment which shows an intellectual experience of students. It is assigned by the teachers during the final year of study. It is a long-term project of the investigative type and the presentation is its final result.

How does Nursing Capstone Project Look Like?

Before students are able to start their nursing practice, they have to complete a lot of tests, write many papers, sometimes even 5-page papers, prove all healthcare requirements. They submit many theoretical papers and practical evidence-based assessments. Writing nursing capstone assignments students will be asked to:

  • Choose the field which they are interested in and topic;
  • Conduct their research on the topic;
  • Make conclusions based on results of the research;
  • Create a presentation which contains their findings and conclusions;
  • Perform a public report or presentation. You can read tips how to become a good public speaker here.

Structure of Nursing Capstone Project

In examples of nursing capstone projects students follow the next structure:

  1. Introduction – here you need to outline the research problem of your project and your approaches;
  2. Review of the literature – here you should provide the short overview of the main sources which you use in your research and the literature which is important for understanding the topic;
  3. Methodology – in this part show your research, sources, meaning of data collection which you used. Show research methods, instruments and ways of source reliability assessment.
  4. The conclusion is the most important section of your project. It discloses knowledge that you’ve gained during conducting your research and writing paper, problem-solving results of your project.
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Capstone Ideas for Nursing

Students always look for the information on nursing capstone project ideas because choosing the topic is the crucial aspect of the project’s success. You can find successful capstone ideas for nursing in this article.

You should check some examples of nursing capstone projects and choose the clinical area which is interesting and in which you have the good theoretical background. You should find some data and evidence in your field of study. It will give you some thoughts on the topic. Find here examples of nursing capstone projects areas in which you can choose the topic.


Nurse anesthesia capstone project ideas are popular nowadays. Students are interested in the role of anesthesia in the outcomes, they are trying to find some progressive ways which are able to make anesthesia safer.

Patient falls

This problem remains sharp despite hundreds of researchers who are working in this area. Consider that this field is specific and refers to patients with specific physical and mental conditions or elderly people.

Wound care

Wounds are the main causes of patients’ hospital admission. And sometimes wound care matters more than antibiotics. That’s why this area is interesting and successful. You may focus on particular wound care sub-specialty or topic.

Behavioral health

This nursing area is studied less but it looks promising. You should research topic in this sera paying attention to the research of physicians, therapists, and psychologists. You can find a lot of interesting information.

Sleep disorders

Sleep disorders have become a common issue for the medical practice because of a great level of stress in which modern people has to live and work. You can research different sleep problems: sleep apnea, sleep deprivation, insomnia, snoring, etc.


Breastfeeding is an exclusively popular area today. People in many countries try to promote breastfeeding as the exclusive way of feeding babies. That’s why the interest to this topic from the medical point of view is on the top. Contemporary medicine gives the highest focus on breastfeeding so this area is very urgent and your paper will become the hit.

Tips How to Pick a Good Topic

  • Choose the clinical area which is the most interesting for you: geriatrics, pediatrics, etc.;
  • Search for the information. You can google it, go to the library, study articles and research;
  • Distinguish the topics that are popular nowadays among specialists in your area and that are commonly written about;
  • Review all requirements of your paper, compare them to the papers which are already available. Take them into account when you browse the information;
  • Find hot points in your area and choose the most interesting of them and those ones which meet your requirements;
  • When you pick up a topic you should consider 3 aspects: the area of interest; the availability of research articles; the availability of materials which match with your requirements. You can find great research paper topics here.

Capstone projects are designed to encourage nursing students to think critically and find problem-solving results. Naturally, this nursing project is more difficult than writing an exploratory essay or research paper; after reading our article it will be easier for you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in comments to this article. Our professional writers are always ready to help you.