Preparation for Exams: The Best 10 Study Tips

Preparation for Exams: The Best 10 Study Tips

The exam session is the most exhaustive and hard part of studying. It is stressful for students, and it makes them feel very tense. So if there any chance to prepare and pass the exams without a great stress? We can’t guarantee that but take your chance to do it successfully with these Best 10 studying tips.

 Leave enough time for studying

There is one bad habit which is common for all students. They usually leave studying at the last moment. But sometimes students have to submit so many writing assignments that they do not have enough time to prepare for exams. In this case, professional essay writing service can become a real lifesaver.

For sure there are students who can achieve success thanks to cramming during the night before the exam. However, it is known that this method is not good for most of us. It’s better to create a deliberate timetable and study according to it. You can write down all the exams which you have to pass during the session, and you will see the number of the days which you will have for preparing. This will allow you to organize your studying according to your schedule. Naturally, some exams will demand more studying than others. The timetable will give you an opportunity to see a balance. You will feel more comfortable thanks to it.  

 Organize studying space

Comfortable conditions while studying may predetermine its success and efficiency. You should better make sure that you have a place which allows you to open and use all your notes and textbooks. Check the light and the chair.

Put away all games and other distractions. Make sure that you feel comfortable enough. This will help you to focus. Complete silence or background music; absolute cleanness or cluttered environment – all these factors don’t matter. Just find out what circumstances are the most comfortable for you. But do not overdo it!  Remember, your main task is studying.

 Use graphics (flow charts, diagrams, etc.)

All types of graphics can help you effectively when reviewing. There is a great algorithm how to master the material. First of all, before starting to read, write down all facts which you have already studied or heard about the topic. You will see what you don’t know. Before the exam, you can condense all your notes into convenient diagrams. If you describe your ideas in this way (briefly), they will be able to help you with recalling everything that you have to know in order to pass the exam in a few minutes.

Get some practice using materials from previous exams

It is the greatest method to get prepared for exams. This method makes it possible to accustom to the academic format of the potential questions which is quite special. You can also check best IELTS preparation free websites.

 Ask others to assist

Usually, your relatives and friends want to help us during the exam time. So you can ask them to assist.  Most likely they will not give up. They can ask you some questions, and you can give an answer to them. This tip can help to streamline the knowledge and to find out if there anything that you don’t know.

 Organize studying in groups with your friends

It’s a great idea to study together with your friends and to prepare for exams. Sometimes you have questions, and they may have the right answers to these questions. The opposite situation can also happen. Studying in groups can be effective for all participants of the group and may increase productivity through synergies.

 Take breaks from time to time

You are mistaken if you think that it's better to study without breaks as much time as you can. In this way, you can be counterproductive. It is equally clear as you understand that if you want to take part in the marathon, you will not run 12 hours in a row. Recent investigations have proved that taking breaks from time to time during the studying can raise its effectiveness.

Different students have different abilities, preferences, and capabilities. That’s why you should develop your own study process which will be the best for you. For example, some people are more productive in the early morning. So they should start studying in the morning and take some break at afternoon.

Eat 'food for brains'

When you are studying, try not to eat any junk food. You may think that after the hard work you may have some treat. You may think that it’s not the best time for cooking. But remember that product that you eat may have an influence on your ability to focus and energy. Choose nutritious food, and it will keep you feel good and fit. You can eat

  • Fruits;
  • Blueberries;
  • Nuts;
  • Carrot;
  • Fish;
  • Yogurt;
  • Dried fruits;
  • Seeds, etc.

Remember, you should have a good nutritious meal before an exam. On this day, eat food which can provide proper metabolism.

 Make a plan of the day

Before the exam, you should check if everything is ready and you have studied all questions before the exam. You have to prepare all in advance. Don't leave anything to the last moment. Check all requirements. Don’t forget to plan your morning and route to the university. Go to bed on time in order not to oversleep.

 Drink a lot of water

There is another great tip. Drink a lot of water. You should remember that drinking water is very important for studying. It gives your brain the opportunity to work in the best way. That’s why don’t forget to make sure that you drink a lot of water during your revision as well as on the day of the exam.

So these are the main tips, which can help you to prepare for exams effectively and to pass them successfully. Click here to find out more useful information about studying and writing assignments.